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Navigator Tool Redesign

Revamping the Navigator Tool was essential to diminish the generic responses it generated. The redesigned tool aimed to offer more personalized and relevant answers, improving user satisfaction and overall experience.

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Decreased Generic Responses by 91%

I lead hands-on design and strategy to reimagine Roots Canada’s email marketing. The result was a completely elevated brand tone with consistent application, using the power of story to convert shoppers.

The results: over $720K additional sales in six months, $300K in OPEX savings through tool and process optimization, and a reduced bounce rate of 2% from 45%.


Reimagine Labs

My Role



Setting the scene

Efficiency Elevated: Redefining Workflows

The Navigator Tool redesign was my first project at Reimagine Labs. I was briefed that the current design was completely failing and giving pretty generic answers. The founder wanted to redesign and launch immediately. I was eager to tackle this project and make a meaningful impact on the product's success.

After evaluating the current design, it became clear that its multiple flaws required a comprehensive overhaul to achieve the desired impact. The existing design had several issues that needed to be addressed to create a significantly improved user experience. I was determined to revamp the design to make it more effective and user-friendly.

Working closely with the lead developer and the founder, we navigated to ensure the design's feasibility and alignment with the business's needs and brand vision. I presented ideas and wireframes, securing feedback and approval from both

Setting the scene

Efficiency Elevated: Redefining Workflows

While there's a pressing need for effective support and guidance among individuals facing immigration challenges, unemployment, and housing issues, many are struggling to access the necessary resources and services

Our challenge is to develop a navigator tool for NGOs that builds trust by providing comprehensive and accurate information, simplifying the navigation process, and connecting users with relevant resources and services efficiently.

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